Top 5 Archive — 26

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Painted TV Series?

Simon Stålenhag is the guy behind Amazon Prime’s upcoming series Tales from the Loop, a show loosely based on the world he created in his paintings. If you like dystopian and somewhat melancholic art and TV, than this might very well be a winner! Check out the trailer!

2: Power women!

Ukrainian Railroad Ladies is a series of portraits of women who work as traffic controllers and safety officers at railroad crossings in Ukraine, photographed by Sasha Maslov. The women spend their long shifts in the little houses built specifically for them along the tracks. Deadpan, funny, sympathetic, touching, awesome. Story and photographs by the creator here.

3: Dig in

In a previous TopFiveDay we mentioned the movie 1917. To be honest: all four of us still haven’t seen it… But, the people behind 1917 keep dishing up mighty fine content like this interactive website!

4: Dynamic sport icons. Of course!

Part of the visual heritage of the Olympic games are the pictograms for all the different Olympic disciplines. Every edition has its own set of icons and some become iconic, either for being awesome (like Otl Aicher’s icons for Munich 1972) or for being really messy (like the ones of Athens 2004, which we won’t credit), but until now they never were developed as animated ones. And those Japanese maestros (designed by Masaaki Hiromura and animated by Kota Iguchi) did a bad-ass job at setting the bar really high. See them all in this compelling short.

5: Office fashion

Fashion? Who needs fashion if you can laugh about your outfit, covered in corporate slang and inside jokes? We’re ready for Summer in our spreadsheet caps.