Top 5 Archive — 22

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: 3D printed IKEA completion designs

We announced Teenage Engineering’s epic IKEA Frekvens designs in the 6th edition of our Top 5. Now that their products are in the shop, Teenage Engineering takes their work to the next level with open source, free of charge, 3D print files. You can 3D print your own design additions for this Frekvens series. Genius. Sympathetic. Next level. Browse all options here.

2: One man traffic jam

Simon Weckert has been popping up in most of our news feeds this week with his Google Maps Hacks. Justly so, because it’s so powerful and simple; take 99 mobile phones > open the Google Maps app > put them in a little cart > walk around with that cart > let Google believe there’s a slow moving traffic jam on a perfectly quiet street > let chaos unfold. Does this project serve a purpose? Well, the minimum takeaway is that algorithms can still quite easily be beaten by man : ) But of course it’s also a nice flipping of the bird to big company domination in the public sphere.

3: Double speechless

Australian Felix Colgrave put Double King online in 2017, but we only just bounced into this majestic piece of weird epicness. It’s completely futile to try to describe this, you NEED to just click this link, sit back and enjoy.

4: Mole Man tribute

You need to read the complete story for yourself, it’s lovely. Or just watch this small documentary by Nowness. Lovely to see how Adjaye Associates approached the project and tried to keep the spirit of amateur tunneler William Lyttle (the mole man) in the building. And below. Be sure to also check out one of their previous project in the same area, for which the owners proposed to dig their own private metro station. Ah the Britons…

5: Title superstars

We love to see our friends excel. And we love it even more if a lot of other people acknowledge their talents, hard work and wonderful spirits. Merijn Hos is one of our most talented friends and to be honest, there’s plenty of appreciation for his work already. Still, this nomination as one of 2019’s best title design’s for a Down the Rabbit Hole, which he did with his brother Juriaan on niche-blog Art of the Title is extra sweet. Be sure to follow this site, their posts are pure gold!!