Top 5 Archive — 25

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Get your snack on!

Yuki Matsuo puts her tips where her mouth is ; ) Great series of snack maps by theme. Check out her ramen, burger or pizza maps for NYC, or her hot chocolate and croissant tips for Paris. “All-You-Can-Eat-Press, is a Brooklyn-based independent publishing company that celebrates everyday food for everyday people.” That’s a great mission statement!

2: Corona id issues

For those with first world problems, there are first world solutions. So you’re taking the Corona pandemonium seriously and you walk around with a mask all day, but you’re also on top of your tech game? Then how do you get your iPhone off of its Face-id lock? Your phone isn’t that smart, because it doesn’t recognize you with your face half covered by a mask. Just click here. And hey, another great mission statement: “Resting Risk Face is a design firm in San Francisco that makes trendy dystopian products.” Let that sink in for a second…

3: BruMu

Belgians know chocolate. Belgians know fashion. Belgians know music. Belgians know film. Belgians know piss. And Belgians definitely know art. Visit this years’s Museum night if you are around, the program is really nice!

4: Stack ’m high

The Skynest seems like a logical solution for putting a lot of travellers in convenient positions (lying down) in an economical way to safe space. Economy class travel like you might know it from train travels in the past. We love the way these Kiwi’s talk inglash, but we love their creative minds and open management attitude even more.

5: A Richmond Grotesk

Stephen French (jr.?) is a guy from Richmond Virginia who we don’t really know anything about. However, on Behance we came across this lovely Grotesk font family called Anderson Grotesk that he created. It’s free of quirky features that would render it unusable. Instead it is lovely balanced in 4 weights (roman and italic) and a black weight. Also: it’s free! We’ll be looking forward to putting this beauty to good use in a project.