Top 5 Archive — 18

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Netflix 2.0

Quibi was introduced to a broad audience at this week’s CES event in Las Vegas. It’s subscription “TV” for your phone. Quibi launches in April of this year. With $ 1BLN as a production budget for exclusive content and a team of heavyweights behind the wheel, this really looks promising! Content will be created by champs in the field, ranging Guillermo del Torro tot Spielberg to Justin Roiland. This Wikipedia page explains the essentials, here’s a somewhat more indepth look.

2: Community marketing. Honk honk!

UPS Dogs is every brand’s dream; a community of hundreds of thousands of dog lovers that embrace the mailman. Or rather the UPS-man. Or woman. The instagram and facebook timelines ensure endless scrolling that brings joy to your day. Our office dog Eno is their biggest fan!

3: Scrolling down Canal Street.

This side-scrolling site is just hardcore eye-candy. It may be a bit too information intense to convey a story successfully in the context of a website, but the endless scroll feels like an Amsterdam canal itself. There’s history, variety and lots of beauty. Well done Marcus Brown!

4: Wunderbar!!!!!!

Canadian advertising agency Wunder is an agency we greatly look up to. Not really for their cool on trend graphic designs (it is OK, but not too spectacular) or work they do for global brands (they hardly do), but for their insanely original and funny concepts for “normal” clients. Or actually: “special” clients. Because half of the magic of their work comes from amazing clients who embrace their ideas and concepts and hire them for the job in the first place. So Wunder, check their work, it’s amazing!! The project that we got to know them for is a self initiated one called White Christmas. It is sort of a Christmas gift for their community. No further explanation, just watch. Funny thing is that at the moment Dutch reality is stranger than Canadian fiction.

5: Count down to see the count.

Dracula promo. (just click)