Top 5 Archive — 15

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Innovation on Instagram

Miranda July is (unarguably!!) one of the greatest artists and homo universalis of our time. Oh yes she is: film maker, visual artist, writer, actor, app developer. To name just a few. And the newest addition to that is: Instagram Artist. Which is something totally different from influence. Nope, Miranda turns Instagram into a mesmerizing medium where improvisation, acting and storytelling merge into something new. It’s sometimes uncomfortable to watch, but maybe that makes it even more compelling. We’re really curious where this dynamic of relationships and Halzion circles will go… See what has unfolded until now here.

2: Hoodlums fashion

Het Nieuwe Instituut puts the spotlight on the hoodie, nice! It’s the love it AND hate it garment that has the ability to make you look like trash one moment and like a cool dude/dudette the next. With its roots in sports clothing and workwear, the hoodie was popularized by Champion in the 1930s as a practical solution for workmen. NYT has a nice piece on the project and exhibition.

3: The average of fashion

Google as a company is among the worst of our time, but even horrible companies do cool stuff. Most of the Google Labs projects are interesting to check out and this is no exception. They collected color data of a gigantic number of fashion shows and simplified every show to an average color palette. Check it out!

4: Stories on design

Readymag puts their writing where their mouth is. As a platform to create kick ass magazines (or just plain websites), they create a series of magazines on their platform with portraits on design legends. It has quite a strong retro feel, but they delve quite deep into the histories of each designer so there’s plenty to learn. Check these on Sottsass, Irma Boom and Emigre. Still, the series on Charles and Ray Eames or Herb Lubalin, also made with Readymag, are even cooler, bigger, nicer ; )

5: Take 2

Mailchimp – our emailing platform of choice for the last ten years – has amped up their visual identity and website last year. Now they present a series of short documentaries on people who make huge career switches to follow their passion. This series was created together with Vice.