Top 5 Archive — 12

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Rediscovering the value of a massive brand

Adidas is one of our time’s most powerful brands. Sure. But it’s interesting to read how to more or less lost their way in the past decade by focusing primarily on ROI and data-insights at the cost of investing in their brand. We can only hope more companies will pop out of the data-insights-bubble and re-value their brand in order to find a more balanced approach to building their brand and steering on data-insights. Check the article here.

2: Plastic fantastic.

We don’t think that Poland and fancy design are a natural match. It’s nice to be proven wrong though, because uauproject kicks ass. All their products are designed to be 3D printed from plant based bioplastics like PLA. It’s like homebrewing with plastics. Sort of. Nice concept, cool designs. From Warsaw, obviously a cooler place than we thought – note to self –. Check their shop for affordable designs. Or start printing their designs yourself!

3: Let there be light!

If you checked our previous weekly top 5s (highly recommended reading, please do!) you surely noticed we are suckers for cool contemporary architecture. We found another gem; Light Falls by Flow. It’s a redevelopment of a Victorian terraced house In London’s Kensington – kahtchinggg – and it’s poeticly beautiful. Let’s not waste words describing it, please click and see for yourself.

4: IDFA (campaign by KesselsKramer 1)

IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) has started again and it makes us hungry for 90% of their programme… Tipping just one here, but we also want to shed some light on the wonderful campaign by KesselsKramer for IDFA 2019. That mirror movie is ace!! Pretty impressive to see how KesselsKramer still makes top notch work after 30 years!

5: NEMO (campaign by KesselsKramer 2)

Is it a no go to list two projects of the same creator in one weekly list? Well then sue us, because here’s another KK campaign. This one’s for the NEMO Science Museum and it perfectly hits the mark. Kids love this, so do we. Somehow KesselsKramer has a talent of making you aware of what you want by not pushing it in your face, but by running it under your nose or in the corner of your eye. It made us dive into their archives and feel very humbled by their funny and intelligent approach to brand building.