Top 5 Archive — 07

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Four yellow days

Amsterdam Dance Event is just around the corner. On our doorstep, literally. This year we are hosting in our space Oz. for the eighth time in a row our contribution to the official ADE program. In recent years we were focused on quality techno from Kompakt, this year we are going for ambient. Record label Magazine and the recently launched label Schalen present Yellow Book by musician Jens-Uwe Beyer and visual artist Albert Oehlen. A yellow ambient world in a transformed Oz. Come and see!

With the help of Filmhuis De Keizer, Gagosian Gallery and sponsorship of Gulpener Beer Brewery, the purest and tastiest beer in our country (really, come and taste it)!

2: No oysters, not kosher either.

We often realize that we are just a very average bunch of people: we love TV, books and sites about cooking and food and the associated subcultures. But who doesn’t love that?! So let’s not make a fuss about it and post the things we encounter and like in our top 5! Like this site with modern Israeli recipes. Let’s leave the gefilte fish and matzo ball soup for what it is, Danielle Oron kicks ass with influences from Morocco to Nazareth. Cook with us!

3: Rusty Brown is here!

Anyone who has tasted something from Chris Ware is hooked for life. Tasted, seen, read, lived, held, admired, enchanted. Chris Ware is pretty much single-handedly responsible for the comic strip phenomenon developing into a graphic novel (OK, Charles Burns and Art Spiegelman also contributed a tiny bit to it, haha!). His publications are masterpieces that tell bittersweet stories.
His latest tour de force crashed into our studio this week: Rusty Brown. Ware worked on this jewel for 20 years. Meanwhile, he also made other things: great animations about Quimby the mouse, schoolyard fads and distorted memories, covers for The New Yorker and a collection of 14 book shapes about one building gathered in a beautiful box

4: Oldscoal

Next. Level. Food. Truck.
Mamamiaaa, they seem to make the best pizza in the country (hoho, Piknik’s brick oven pizzas are also not to be missed!), but although you can argue about that, it is clear to us that this is the most über food truck that you will find in the Netherlands. You have to bake quite a few pizzas, but then you also have something. Nice story, cool to be able to put a qualitative and own stamp on food with something as banal as pizza. Cool mini-doc here and their website here!

5: Out for a short round

Is game design important in 2019? Yes, at 99% what comes out on PS4, Wii, Mobile, etc. But in games too, less is more now and then and it doesn't really matter what the aesthetics are about. All that sometimes matters is whether that rotten circle is rounder than your previous one. Try it yourself…