Top 5 Archive — 06

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Time for Springsummer

Fashion. A tricky creative area to judge on a monitor. Color, material, movement and the overall feeling of fashion can only really be judged in real life and up close. But it was Paris Fashion Week (PFW) last week and there is usually something that retains its qualities even on a screen. We haven't seen everything from PFW by far, but this… Wow. The energy in the collection, the variety, the cheerfulness, the movements of the clothing, the location, colours, theater in the presentation, how the fabrics behave. Very tasty! Divergent! cohesive! Issey Miyake!

2: Quick trip to Versailles in VR

OK, the clumsy low-res aspect of virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a thing of the past. What we see about this project here and here opens the door to vacation excursions in your own living room. These facts alone: 36,000 m2, 24 rooms, >200 works of art, 1 Royal Opera and a bunch of fireplaces based on 132,000 photos. They make the experience 3D by using photogrammetry, which means something like 3D based on “flat” photos.

3: No cash value

In 2012, we invited Edd Harrington, Anthony Sheret (UK) & Benjamin Critton (USA), aka Colophon Foundry, to exhibit in our Amsterdam project space Oz. Their No Cash Value exhibit was amazing! Two typefaces were part of the project: Value Sans and Value Serif. They developed the Sans into several weights and italics a few years ago. And this week they published a more extensive Serif typeface family. For the font geeks among you: a font with soft serifs and a retro feel that is reminiscent of Cooper (especially the light), but at the same time quite hip and 21st century. Is that a thing? In any case: very nice!

4: Dreaming in a secret location

Vipp is Danish for lifting. It's too easy to make jokes about their price tags right now, but hey, Vipp is not easily available at the Action. Quality does have a price tag. This special company, which once started selling trash cans, has grown into a showpiece of Scandinavian design. Their kitchens are breathtaking, their bathrooms are second to none. But they now offer more than special products. Vipp now also offers special experiences; the VIP Hotel. Cool concept, which has little to do with a traditional hotel. There are three houses that you can book. All three are special, but especially their Vipp Shelter makes us quiet for a while. You will only receive the exact location of the cottage after your booking.

5: Even more Scandinavian design

Finally, more beauty from the north; Teenage Engineering. We have been fans of just about everything these people make for years. It started with the OP-1, but now they also make pocket synthesizers, a Polaroid camera with accompanying app, wireless speakers. And if the gossip is correct, their Frekvens product collection will be released for IKEA in early 2020. Brutal.