Top 5 Archive — 05

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Kickass campaign mate!

FUCK YEAH! That’s what you say when you post about Danny McBride. Because he is by far the coolest goddamnsonofabitch in television since he enriched our lives with the phenomenon Kenny Powers. Anyway, exit Kenny and enter Dundee. Check out this trailer. And then browse through this brilliant backstory from Droga5.

2: Open Frameworks Magic

Zach Lieberman plays with Open Frameworks code and then thinks about how to apply his creations creatively. This results in chaos, glitches and randomness. But sometimes also great short stories or a collaboration with Logitech. Some of his creations generate aesthetically pleasing images that he sells in his online shop.

3: Pure smartphone

When you think of Poland, you don’t immediately think of the country where the vanguard in high tech is located. However? High tech might not be quite the right term for the Pure. Smart Minimal Tech fits better. The tech company, completely unknown to us, Mudita launched their minimalist phone week on Kickstarter this week and within 24 hours they had already reached their target. Then you can speak without reservation of a product that meets a need.

4: Be quick or be cold!

Only 4 more days and then the pre-order period of season 5 of our project The League Extraordinaire will close. You can order your favorite design until September 30th, after that you will only find them sporadically on ebay. Score your Momo, Jeroen Erosie, Moritz Green or Andreas Samuelsson so quickly while you still can!

5: Artisan design by kids

Finally, a fantastic concept: STORE Store, a store in the überüberüber-hip Coal Drops Yard that sells design objects made by young people between the ages of 14 and 16. These teens learn crafts from architects and designers at the After School Club. Because mastering a craft is not only valuable, but also cool. STORE is the driving force behind this concept and also organizes slightly more expensive workshops for interested parties who can afford the course fee.

By the way, Coal Drops Yard is located in a extremely cool building designed by Thomas Heatherwick. And that font in the house style is a modified version of the tasty Reader typeface from our letter buddies Colophon.

*update: now also in Rotterdam!