Top 5 Archive — 02

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: The sound of U.S. Girls

Weird, contrarian, oppressive and roaring.

In our studio music is playing almost all day, we mainly play techno and electronica. Rock, pop and indie quickly stand out in our playlists. And even more so U.S. Girls. When someone shouts, “What is this?! Put it in the Friday Top Five Day of this week!” it says enough. We just can’t agree on whether Half Free or In a Poem Unlimited is the best album. 

listen for yourself!

2: Don’t sleep, dream

Druum on

Boutique hotels are the shit. But unfortunately most boutique hotels also think of themselves that they are the shit. And then there are Belgians, who understand perfectly how to properly set up a boutique hotel. We want to dream in Brussels, now!

3: Kern’s Major League: Design x Football shawls

Season 5 is for sale!

Our side project The League Extraordinaire is entering its fifth season. With a team of four internationals: Jeroen Erosie, Momo, Andreas Samuelsson and Moritz Green. Only available this month as a pre-order.

4: Germans - 2

DB marketing geniuses

OK, OK, OK, everyone and their mother has heard of big data by now. Maybe also from e-marketing and algorithms. Typical hype words, do well in Powerpoint presentations, company bios and they invariably pop up in the stories of fast cousins at birthday parties who do something in advertising. Nice all, but this DB campaign takes the hype to its own level; top shelf marketing. No Need to Fly, the brilliant online campaign from Deutsche Bahn!

Thanks to Jascha van Pommeren for the golden tip!

5: Podcast tip!

A sandman that keeps you awake

Podcasts are regularly discussed in our studio. If you are a fan, you can add 99% Invisible blind to your subscriptions. A good example is this episode with Vince Beiser about… sand. Extremely exciting!! Listen for yourself!