Top 5 Archive — 01

What’s this?

Before our Tip 5 there was our Top 5. These are the archived pages from our 5 weekly hot tips from yesteryear.

1: Catalog Press Book concepts

Catalog Press book projects

This is where the corners of our mouths start to curl. What is a book? Good question, nice answers! Very cool project by Ben Denzer.

2: 80’s revival in your browser

Poolside FM

The heat is on! Ferraris, bikinis and Speedos just a little too tight glide across your screen and the slipperiest playlists drag you through the toughest hours of the day.

3: Sea sick movie manipulations

Mind bending movies by Dirk Koy

Dirk Koy does things with film that defy logic. enchanting.

4: Skyscraper with a twist

Nice Article about the Chongqing Gaoke Group Ltd Office project. The name of this building doesn’t exactly stick, but we think it's the best twist we’ve seen in ages. Beautiful work by Aedas.

5: So so German

Check that video!

Do we  indulge in guilty pleasures? Thought so. Let’s put it this way: we consider CRINGE as one of the highest levels in art. Maschin from Bilderbuch baby!