Tip 5 — week 50, 2022

What’s this?

These are some of the most interesting and beautiful things that we talked about in our studio this week. We show you the stuff that we have come across on instagram, the web or in real life and that inspires and excites us. And yes, sometimes we mingle in our own projects. We enjoy sharing it with our friends, colleagues and anyone interested. Below this week’s 5 tips, here our collected overview.

1: StrAInge

Space TV is something like AI meets millions of acid trips meets Gentlemen Broncos meets Willy Wonka meets Paolo Puck. Similar to the early ages of music sampling, of course there’s plenty of debate about its ethics. For more whacky AI surrealism, check out AIMuppets, Blatant.space, Bunty, Sentient Muppet Factory, AsunderFaces from the aether , and more...

2: Done in-house

This looks like a fantastic book focusing on the contributions of Peter Dixon to the Sainsburys product line up, back in the 1960s/70s. 

3: Score!

All the goals of WC22 Qatar as animated infographics. Sexy.

4: Google You?

OK, tiny bit more of AI: will you.com , the AI Search Engine You Control, kick Google’s behind?

5: Logo lifespans

Would you guess the oldest logo still in use today?