Tip 5 — week 24, 2023

What’s this?

These are some of the most interesting and beautiful things that we talked about at our studio this week. We show you the stuff that we have come across on instagram, the web or in real life and that inspires and excites us. And yes, sometimes we mingle in our own projects. We enjoy sharing it with our friends, colleagues and anyone interested. Below this week’s 5 tips, here our collected overview.

1: In the bag

One post, two handbags that jumped out to us this week: 1. the Ona Soft Bag by Ölend, which seems both awesome and soft and 2. MSCHF’s Vuitton bag which seems ridiculously tiny.

2: Unfolded seating

Ikea’s lab Space10 together with Panter&Tourron created a couch that comes in an envelope (called Couch in an envelope). Read the story, it’s awesome!

3: À table

Genesis Belanger creates multimedia mise-en-scènes in her solo exhibition Blow Out from slabs of clay and muted colors which are coming from a fascinating universe at the crossing of pop-art, kitsch and baroque.

4: Ninm to the beat

Ninm created a casette player x bluetooth player x speaker called the IT'S REAL Bluetooth Cassette Player Combo. Bringing the best of the 80’s to the living room that’s equiped in the ’20s

5: Heyday’s

Reuben Heyday Margolin is blessed with a cool name and makes spectacular analogue waves, caterpillars and more ingenious objects in wood. Somewhat related to Theo Jansen’s strandbeest objects ❤️