Tip 5 — week 22, 2023

What’s this?

These are some of the most interesting and beautiful things that we talked about in our studio this week. We show you the stuff that we have come across on instagram, the web or in real life and that inspires and excites us. And yes, sometimes we mingle in our own projects. We enjoy sharing it with our friends, colleagues and anyone interested. Below this week’s 5 tips, here our collected overview.

1: Pre-sale starts

Last week we announced the launch of a special book for local football club Go Ahead Eagles. In order to push the sales of these 288 pages of printed glory, we refer to the webshop. Go get it before it’s gone!!
The project is initiated by Rob de Jong, Robert Heukels and us. 🦅❤️💛❤️

2: Wrap it up

Like Cristo meeting your mom who’s vacuuming bedding for winter storage: here’s Flesh Love All by Photographerhal. Probably, it’s kinda hard understanding the Japanese texts 😬

3: Muhr please

Essen’s finest in our book is illustrator and artist Bastian Muhr. Also check his Instagram for awesome examples of his work.

4: Mirror mirror

The scenes that are most mind boggling in films are the ones with mirrors. Paul E.T. explains how it’s done! Part 1 and Part 2

5: Cargo bikes galore

Heavy debating in our studio this week about cargo bikes. Which one rocks more. We didn’t come to an agreement, basically they all rock. Basically they all are way out of our budgets 😅 Contestants as far as we are concerned: XYZ CARGO, Omium Cargo, Elian and Hagen Bikes.