Tip 5 — week 16, 2023

What’s this?

These are some of the most interesting and beautiful things that we talked about in our studio this week. We show you the stuff that we have come across on instagram, the web or in real life and that inspires and excites us. And yes, sometimes we mingle in our own projects. We enjoy sharing it with our friends, colleagues and anyone interested. Below this week’s 5 tips, here our collected overview.

1: Pu+Ra

Lancia was the ultimate obscure car brand from our youth. Every now and then you saw one driving, however you didn’t know ANYONE who owned one. Still the Delta was legendary and the brand was weirdish intruiging... It seems that they have just reinvented themselves with an awesome 80s-futuristic design with a circle and stripes theme. They re-wrote their brandstory and designed a new legend. Or so it seems.

2: Felipe in 010

Felipe Pantone is certainly one of the most consistent and popular artists of the decade. We were lucky to have him as one of our League artists in 2018 and now we finally get to see a big show of his work in our home country! Go see, from April 29 at Kunsthal Rotterdam.

3: rede-Signing

Max Kolo has a pretty impressive portfolio in film and illustration. But his sign-redesigning actions on the streets of NYC, in his own words “Saving the city from bad design, one flyer at a time.”. YEAH!! There is a bit of New York Beautification Project DNA in it, but only for the good.

4: Old School

Floor 796 is the sort of internet site that ruled the web in the early 2000s. Infinite madness, created through hundreds of hours of clicking. So cool! Click, drag, zoom.

5: Voxels

Shin Oh is the creator of 126³ Tiny Voxel Shops, depicting typical Malaysian shops. In shape, execution and technique, the project is a bit like the big brother of the above mentioned Floor 796 project.