Tip 5 — week 11, 2023

What’s this?

These are some of the most interesting and beautiful things that we talked about in our studio this week. We show you the stuff that we have come across on instagram, the web or in real life and that inspires and excites us. And yes, sometimes we mingle in our own projects. We enjoy sharing it with our friends, colleagues and anyone interested. Below this week’s 5 tips, here our collected overview.

1: What type of excitement?

In the last 15 to 25 years there used to be a constant excitement over new font designs. Back in the day about every new release by Emigre and T-26. Then came Lineto, Hoefler-Frere Jones, A2, Klim Type. In recent years new attitudes, innovations and approaches were introduced by Grilli, Colophon, Swiss Typefaces, Optimo, Playtype, Displaay, And now? We haven’t been wild about any font really for over a year. Maybe two years. Licensing turned into a chaotic jungle, variable type seemed mostly a tech driven feature than something really helpful in design and letter design in general finds itself somewhat at a deadend... The TDC has turned pretty stale, Typewolf is still trendy (but with an endless flow of more of the same). So we’re eagerly looking forward, reading Itsnicethat’s Global Type Insights for the time being. Or maybe play a little with Spacetypegenerator 😋️

2: Cyclops living

We cheer for cool architecture in generic settings. Polyphemos is a prime example of that! Loosely based on The Cyclops Polyphemus, awesome work by Martens Willems & Humblé!

3: Dream boys and girls

Move over Kendall, Gigi, Barbara, Cara, Bella, Miranda, Emily, Taylor, Kim and Chanel Iman...

4: Spinning

This is what the internet was meant for.

5: Come hang out with us

Tonight we are selling our last art scarves of our The League Extraordinaire project at Neo Visionair in Deventer. Wanna beer?