Friday TopFiveDay! #54

Our favorites of week 48

Five For the weekend!

Every week we share a top 5 of the most interesting, coolest, funniest and most exciting stuff that we have encountered on the web and elsewhere. In our studio we have been sharing things that we see around us and that we find remarkable, for as long as we’ve been a team. This way we keep each other informed of the world outside of our personal perspective, because we have a collective hunger for the new.

With this overview we give you some insight into what fascinates us. In addition to projects from clients and self-initiated projects, this is what Jort, Vivian, Jord, and John Patrick are talking about in the studio. Do share this list and let us know if you have any tips!

Concrete views

Alex Schoelcher has an amazing eye for color, scenery and portrait. His series Concrete Citizens is pretty hardcore on different levels, highly recommended!


“Happy” holidays…

It used to be the moooooost wonderful time of the yeeeeeeear! Or so they say. Most Christmas cliches don’t work this year though, especially not the office party. Which probably motivated artist Alex Prager to create his installation Farewell, Work Holiday Parties. The artwork features 15 life-sized sculptures, each an iconic staple of the Christmas do – from the ubiquitous guy photocopying his bum to the awkward group photo – made in collaboration with Hollywood effects company Vincent Van Dyke (that portfolio, wtf?!!) to make them ultra realistic. They feature in the Miller Lite Christmas advert by agency DDB North America and an installation currently open at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), with the message that, maybe, some traditions are better left behind this year.


Not Dick or Harry

Some people are anonymous legends. Or rather, their work is legendary while hardly anyone knows they are the creator. Enter Tom Karen. Tom arrived in Britain from Czechoslovakia in 1942 (the middle of WWII). In 1962 he took charge of Ogle Design as MD and Chief Designer after previously working in the Aircraft Industry, Ford, Hotpoint and Phillips. He created the bike we wanted to ride as kids, the marble track we did have (or at least some nephew or kid in the neighbourhood). Ah yeah, and cars and aeroplanes. Respect!

Das ProgRams

A design legend that did get all the laureates he deserved is Dieter Rams. London design studio Systems Studio created a sort of digital shrine for his work called Das Programm. Which is basically a hard porn site for design lovers…

“Best” of 2020

Appointing design awards is a pretty subjective business. However, it’s always nice to see a cross section of what was relevant, trendy or reflective of social dynamics in a certain era. Probably not our favorite graphic design project of 2020, but overall worth a look. Top 5 favorites pop up in different categories than graphic design, like this, this and this. And this project is also pretty heart-warming.


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