Friday TopFiveDay! #53

Our favorites of week 46

Five For the 13th

Every week we share a top 5 of the most interesting, coolest, funniest and most exciting stuff that we have encountered on the web and elsewhere. In our studio we have been sharing things that we see around us and that we find remarkable, for as long as we’ve been a team. This way we keep each other informed of the world outside of our personal perspective, because we have a collective hunger for the new.

With this overview we give you some insight into what fascinates us. In addition to projects from clients and self-initiated projects, this is what Jort, Vivian, Jord, and John Patrick are talking about in the studio. Do share this list and let us know if you have any tips!

MTA Zoom

One of the most iconic graphic designs is undoubtedly New York’s metro lines map, (re)designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1972 got a spectacular digital update. NY based studio Work took on this project pro bono (wow) and the result is terrific, especially in terms of live feeds and UX features like zooming with additional information surfacing. This short documentary by Gary Hustwit tells the captivating story. Watch the movie and check out the live map for yourself.


Design fails?

Porsche. The 911. Arguably the most beautiful car ever designed (we are talking about the 911S as driven by Saga Norén in TV series The Bridge of course). But Porsche made some design efforts that didn’t make it as well, which are collected in a new book Porsche Unseen. It features design studies from 2005 to 2019 which have until now been kept under lock and key. The sports car manufacturer is showing visions of 15 different cars. In this way, Porsche is offering an exclusive insight into its design process – from the very first drawing to the finished model ready for series production. Go spend €68 now ; )



Maybe Freitag has been off the hype radar for a while, but they came up with two really cool concepts recently: the Sweat-Yourself-Shop (where you can do the sweatshop labor of creating your own Freitag bag) and S.W.A.P. (Shopping Without Any Payment, FREITAG’s Tinder-style bag exchange solution). Cool beans!

Punctuation madness

If there is one recurring typography related nerd thing in our studio it’s how to correctly use punctuation. The international punctuation rules are a JUNGLE, but thank God for this very thorough piece by TypeTogether!

Green zone hotel

OK, so whenever we find ourselves in the Maebashi area in Japan, The Shiroiya Hotel is where we want to crash. Japanese class in that Japanese way. Rooms designed by the likes of Jasper Morrison and Leandro Erlich among others.


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