Friday TopFiveDay! #52

Our favorites of week 44

Kern’s Funky Fresh Five

Every week we share a top 5 of the most interesting, coolest, funniest and most exciting stuff that we have encountered on the web and elsewhere. In our studio we have been sharing things that we see around us and that we find remarkable, for as long as we’ve been a team. This way we keep each other informed of the world outside of our personal perspective, because we have a collective hunger for the new.

With this overview we give you some insight into what fascinates us. In addition to projects from clients and self-initiated projects, this is what Jort, Vivian, Jord, and John Patrick are talking about in the studio. Do share this list and let us know if you have any tips!


We have loved Annie Atkins’ work for years without really knowing: she designed all graphic design that features in Wes Anderson’s movies. Like Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs. Although the majority of the Adobe Max online sessions (which we tipped two weeks ago) was either awkward or boring, there were some really enjoyable sessions one of which was the filmed portrait/interview/presentation by Annie Atkins. Go watch it!



Whhhhhhooooooooowwww!! Halloween is around the corner, so let’s get in the mood with a little bit of type-nerding: Spooktacular by Adam Osgood.


Color decks

Color giant Pantone has teamed up with skate brand Globe. The result is the Pantone Color Of The Year 2021 Dipped Deck Box Set. It features 5 limited edition skate decks, each paint-dipped in the official Pantone Color Of The Year and engraved with color name and Pantone number. Quite frankly we have probably never used a color of the year in any of our projects and the 5 decks together look rather weird on a wall (what a discordant color palet!!). But the packaging is really cool and each individual deck works quite nicely.

Avant garde cavemen

French architect Jean Nouvel creates buildings that are so extremely impressive that he’s in a league of his own. His list of projects is jaw dropping impressive and he’s shown some muscle in the last years with buildings in the Middle East like the National Museum of Qatar and the Louvre Abu Dhabi. But his latest project may not even be called a building. Maybe a carving or caving? It seems to come straight out of a Star Wars movie that is yet to be released or an ancient myth. It is called Sharaan and you must see this. (and read too)

Neue horizons

Norwegian studio Neue created one of the most bad-ass passport designs out there. The passport’s pages are flooded with illustrations of landforms from all over the country, each carefully-crafted from a combination of dots and lines. And switch on UV light for a magical show of the Northern Light. Norway is kicking major butt with their design projects for the government, following Snohetta’s beautiful bank note designs from a few years ago. Impressive!


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