Friday TopFiveDay! #42

Our favorites of week 29

Ah yeah, da 5!

Every week we share a top 5 of the most interesting, coolest, funniest and most exciting stuff that we have encountered on the web and elsewhere. In our studio we have been sharing things that we see around us and that we find remarkable, for as long as we’ve been a team. This way we keep each other informed of the world outside of our personal perspective, because we have a collective hunger for the new.

With this overview we give you some insight into what fascinates us. In addition to projects from clients and self-initiated projects, this is what Jort, Vivian, Jord, and John Patrick are talking about in the studio. Do share this list and let us know if you have any tips!


At Kern it takes quite something to generate enthusiasm about an American car. But this beast made us unanimously greedy to make this our new wheels: the 2021 Ford Bronco. This machine looks like a worthy successor to the classic Bronco, owned by men with moustaches in flanel shirts with Stetsons on their thick skulls (and The Rock in Rampage).

The new Bronco marketing campaign is superbly fitting; it was teased and presented this week on social media, the campaign ad is over the top bad ass, manly, Murrican, full of testosteron and crazy horses. Too bad Holland has insane tax laws for cars and import, but we can still dream


Ye ye

OK, so Kanye may be or may not be running for president. Who cares. Luckily he has plenty of silly projects going, but also this interesting one. It’s his social housing project that was reported canceled last Fall but apparently is still alive.


Parc Jullien

French illustrator Jean Jullien has been on our radar for about a decade. His signature style is childishly simplistic and recognizable without fail. He has globally been recognized for his genius illustration work and art. While he often steps away from paper as a medium, this parc project in Nantes is yet another wonderful medium in his palette. Kudos Jean!!


Written in the sky

South Korea’s ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport created these drone powered messages of hope and information. Great to see such surgical execution of pretty appealing images.

Analog Mario

Do we post too much LEGO related projects in our top 5? No, never too much. Those Danes just keep finding cool new angles to apply their bricks. Like this Nintendo themed series that now even features a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System. Pretty cøøl!


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