Friday TopFiveDay! #14

Our suggestions for week 48

Take 5

Every week we select our top 5 of the most interesting, coolest, funniest and most exciting stuff that we have encountered on the web and elsewhere. In our studio we have been sharing things that we see around us all day and that we find remarkable for ages. This way we keep each other informed of the world outside of our personal perspective, because we share a hunger for new.

With this overview we give you a look behind the scenes at Kern. In addition to projects from clients and self-initiated projects, this is what concerns Jort, Vivian, Jord, and John Patrick. Do share this list and let us know if you have any tips!


1996 just called

OK, let’s get it out of the way: we are graphic designers who love idm. Sorry, IDM. Exactly like 90% of our colleagues. That being said, there’s maybe an even more blatant statement to be made: we love Aphex Twin. Exactly like 99,7% of those IDM loving colleagues. So for us it makes total sense that we find pleasure in watching an old MTV interview with Richard D. James. Shows how much of a legend he is, a shy nerdy legend we can relate to.

“So , are you a bit of a net-head as well?”
“Yeah, it’s wicked, I love it. I can’t get off it. It’s decent.”

Amen : )


Airbnb for social improvement?

While most metropoles look for ways to limit Airbnb in spoiling their local housing scene, the PR move back from them is pretty cool: Airbnb Opens a Modern Rental in Italy Whose Profits Help the Community. It’s part of this project. The article on Design Milk covers most import facts about the project and is a torrent of names of parties involved. What stood out for us is the name of Lorenzo Vitturi (see item below) who was commissioned to create a triptych for the Casa Cuoco.


Lorenzo, bello!

We stumbled across Lorenzo Vitturi’s website a couple of times in the past year. And now again with the triptych made for Airbnb. We always click around his portfolio being fascinated by his visual world, the construction of his images, his weird, colorful and wonderful universe.


Cool Dries.

Belgian style, we listed it previously in another top 5, is in a world of its own. Somewhere in the style vacuum between nordic simplicity and modernism and southern flair and joie de vivre is the Belgian universe of subtle stylish surrealism and fragility. In a lot of Belgian designs the ghost of Margritte melts with avant garde of Maison Margiela and Panamarenko. We want our studio and our homes designed by Dries Otten. Awel zulle!


Live news reports (from 75 years ago)

The Dutch public broadcasting organisation NOS reports on the news from 75 years ago. The world was on fire, Holland was in the final year of war and the most horrible Winter imaginable was about to start. Sure, the idea is copied from rather famous projects such as WWII Tweets, but still, there’s something really fascinating in history and imagining what life was like on this day xx years ago. 29 November 1944 was a darker than this Black Friday.


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